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Fragile States Index 2017
Published May 15, 2017
By The Fund for Peace
The Fragile States Index, produced by The Fund for Peace, is a critical tool in highlighting not only the normal pressures that all states experience, but also in identifying when those pressures are pushing a state towards the brink of failure.
Why Foreign Aid and Development Spending is Good for America
Published March 24, 2017
By J.J. Messner
Aid and development are the cheapest and most sustainable forms of national defense that we have – not only does it contribute to de-escalating conflict, which in turns keeps us safer from the flow-on effects of conflict, but it does so for a bargain price.
Human Rights & Business Roundtable Annual Report 2016
Published March 15, 2017
By J.J. Messner and Hannah Blyth
Launched in 1996, the Roundtable was the first forum designed for multinational businesses and mainstream human rights organizations to discuss issues of common concern in an atmosphere of mutual respect, trust, and confidentiality. Today, the Roundtable focuses exclusively on the extractive industry, although the lessons learned and case studies of the Roundtable provide value to all sectors.


Impacts of Violence on Women and Girls in Nigeria's Kaduna State
Published Mmarch 7, 2017
By Patricia Taft, Hannah Blyth, and Christina Murphy
Women and girls are often the targets — either directly or caught in the crossfire — of this inter-communal conflict. They also bear the brunt of economic pressures through displacement, livelihood and property destruction, or loss of household breadwinners as a result of the violence.
Underlying Concerns Create a Worrying Outlook Beyond Brexit
Published June 24, 2016
By J.J. Messner
As the dust settles on the historic Brexit vote and its effects, it is easy to focus on the near term, visible side effects. Even in the unlikely event that Britain manages to negotiate an association deal that is as good as being in the European Union, it will now no longer have a voice in that Union.
Fragile States Index 2016: Europe’s Refugee Crisis Underscores Global Interconnectedness
Published June 27, 2016
By J.J. Messner
The countries of Europe – particularly those situated on a trajectory between Turkey and Germany and Scandinavia – have found themselves overwhelmed by the influx, and have responded to these pressures with attempts to close previously open borders..